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About MetaPoll

MetaPoll is a new venture in accurate, reliable and engaging opinion polling.

We’re driven by a desire to ensure that the political debate in Australia is based on a broader, more in-depth understanding of the mood of the electorate.

Our unique algorithms and methodology allows us to predict the election outcome in both the House of Representatives and the Senate more accurately than any individual polling company. We also conduct and publish issue based opinion polls helping breakdown voter sentiment on a wide range of key election issues.

The Team

MetaPoll was co-founded by Dr Matt Schiller, a former consultant at McKinsey, and Osman Faruqi, a freelance journalist and former political campaigner with experience in managing and analysing quantitative research programs.

Matt has substantial experience in dealing with large datasets and complex modelling from his time as a medical researcher, a McKinsey consultant, and as the CEO of one of Australia’s fastest growing ecommerce start-ups.

Osman has worked closely with a number of research firms in Australia as a campaign strategist and political adviser for the Australian Greens. He also has an in-depth understanding of Australia’s media and political landscape as a result of his work as a political journalist, broadcaster and commentator.

Matt and Osman are supported by an amazing team of writers and advisors.

Partnership Opportunities

We're always open to new partnership opportunities with media organisations.

MetaPoll’s toolset allows for the quick generation of interesting, insightful and unique data relevant to the news cycle. Access to MetaPoll’s platform allows editors and news organisations to help identify issues that audiences are interested in as well as generate data to help add unique angles to stories.

MetaPoll’s headline poll results and predictions can help set the news agenda - particularly since our results have a greater degree of accuracy than other polling firms.

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